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Terafulk Megantara Design atau PT TMD Profile Business

ISL NEWS (Surabaya) - PT Terafulk Megantara Design (PT TMD) are advanced ship designer. Every ship engineered with the most sophisticated softwares and experienced engineers. Proven and trusted by domestic and overseas shipyards and end users.

The Name : TERAFULK is our common name for PT. Terafulk Megantara Design. TERA means trillion, FULK means ship/ ark/ naval. MEGANTARA means vast/ borderless territory and DESIGN means general planning of a ship.

The company that founded in end of 2005, precisely in November 2005 preceded by taking job area in ship construction plans or ship design as meaning that implied in company name. So that the competence that built in designing and building vessel is the business core and the superiority from TMD itself.

With the exact standing moment, TMD since beginning has had ship design job contract either from domestic (transportation official of Indonesia Government, oceanic and fishery official of Indonesia government, private dockyards in Indonesia) and foreign countries (especially Japan). Also cooperation in human resource quality development by sending TMD engineers to Japan and vice versa.

Motto :"Towards Advanced Marine System Innovation" Interpreting that our output is an innovation-oriented products

Corporate Value                                                                           

  1. KEII (Courteous)
  2. KOUKEN (Contribution)
  3. KAIZEN (Innovation)

Adopted from Japanese meanings which states courteous, contribution and innovation that reflecting our company member’s mentality in performing a duty with collaborating the religious value and the high-perform work ethic.

Corporate Culture

  1. Hinshitsu koujyou (quality improvement)
  2. Nouki o mamoru (on time delivery)
  3. Kenkou daiichi (importance of health and safety).

The three of work culture above are reflecting that our company committed to continuously improving the quality of our products, ensure to meet on time-delivery condition between customer and partner, and engage the company activity on health and safe environment. Terafulk Megantara Design committed to enforce our company work culture due the entire corporate activity in order to maintain our product quality and meet customer- satisfied condition.


To built a trillion ships for human welfare.


In order to realize our vision, we committed to establish and achieve mission as below:

  • Continuously improve our skill and ability to become an EXPERT/ MAESTRO in the ship business field.
  • Always and continuously raising network and connection between ship business field partner and customer.
  • Always and continuously improve self-asset for ship business field’s development and welfare.


(* Tim REDAKSI ISL News /Contact /Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


@ PT ISL Media Nasional (ISL NEWS) Sejak Tahun 2012

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