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Samudera University Proudly Presents the Training Program on How to use Business Intelligence

JAKARTA INDONESIA (ISL News) - The global maritime and transportations industry had faced several adversities as part of their nature of business. However, during the last two years, we have witnessed a mounting task to grasp fluctuations and irregularities at a completely different level.

Trade war that influences throughputs, oil price that affects bunker costs and the greater magnitude of all has been the Covid-19 pandemic, which came as both the disastrous phenomenon and as a blessing in disguise.

Business intelligence (BI) has been seen as a popular tool – not to solve all of the adversities—but to mitigate the risk of such fluctuations. BI helps us to predict what will be the probable outcomes of several indicators for some periods ahead.

Samudera University proudly presents the training program on how to use BI to better understand the fluctuation and the trend of the data hence to help the management a better information concerning external factors and to allow them strategize necessary policies.

Please see the detail of the program below

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