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Corporate History Indonesia Port Corporatiom (IPC)

ISL- JAKARTA TANUNG PRIOK - THE HISTORY  of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC (Indonesia Port Corporation) began from the decision of the government of Republic of Indonesia in 1960 to establish State Enterprise of Pelabuhan I to Pelabuhan VIII as the managing parties for the sea ports all over Indonesia based on Government Regulation No. 19/1960 on public port management conducted by the port management agency (BPP).

1964 - 1969

In 1964, the government commenced the restructurization of public port management by separating operational and commercial aspects in the management of the port. BPP, consisting of PN Pelabuhan I to Pelabuhan VIII, was responsible for the management of commercial aspects while the Port Administrator (Adpel) performed the coordination of the operational aspects.


In 1969- 1983, according to the Government Regulation Number 18/1969, the BPP managed each seaport. The BPP itself replaced the PN that the Port Authority dissolved.

In 1983, the government changed the status of BPP into Perusahaan Umum (Perum). Under this status, BPP only managed the public port for business purposes. The management of public ports that are not designed for business purposes is directly performed by the Technical Implementation Unit of Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

Based on Government Regulation No. 15/1983 juncto  PP No. 5 dated 5 February 1985, Perum Pelabuhan was merged and divided into four operational areas, under the names of Perum Pelabuhan I to IV. The four Companies shall become BUMN under the supervision of Ministry of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia



Further, the legal form of Perum was changed into a Limited Liability Company (PT) based on Government Regulation no.57/1991, whose shares are wholly owned by the Republic of Indonesia resulting in to change in name to PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, as stipulated in Notarial Deed No. 3 dated 1 December 1992, and changed by Notarial Deed No. 4 dated 5 Mei 1998, both notarized  under Notary Imas Fatimah, SH, a Notary in Jakarta, and approved by Ministry of Justice of Republic of Indonesia under Decision Letter No. C2-17612-HT.01.01.TH.98 dated 6 October 1998.

The latest amendment to the Company’s Articles of Association was made based on the resolutions of Shareholders General Meeting No. 2 of Notary Agus Sudiono Kuntjoro, SH, dated 15 August 2008 jo. Act No. 3 dated July 30, 2009. Such amendment to the Articles of Association has obtained approval from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-80894.AH.01.02.2008 dated 3 November 2008. The legal standing for the establishment of the Company as a state owned company managing port business is the Law no. 19/2003 concerning the State Owned Companies, the law no. 40 year 2007 on Limited Liabilities Company, and the Shipping Law No. 17 year 2008, and the Government Regulation No. 61 2009.



On 22nd February 2012, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) well known as Pelindo II has launched a new identity and tranformed to became Indonesia Port Corporation or IPC.  A leading provider of port services in Indonesia are more efficient and modern in many aspects of its operations in order to achieve the goal of being world class port operator.

The values ​​contained in the orange colors in the new logo is the spirit of change, strength, optimism, and pride every employee, to work together to stand at the front line in achieving organizational goals. Blue side of the logo illustrates the readiness of entering a new era of dynamic and flexibility of each component in the company faced many challenges in order to achieve the objectives of the company, as a world-class port operator.

IPC’s new brand represents our spirit of transformation as well as our hope for a new beginning to achieve a brighter future. To achieve our goals, we believe in constant change and improvement, full of humor and energy, aggressive yet friendly, delivering a unique spirit for Indonesia. It is also a symbol of pride within the organisation for everyone to stand behind as we take the company forward. (SAIFUL/ISL JAKARTA –INDONESIA).

@ PT ISL Media Nasional (ISL NEWS) Sejak Tahun 2012

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