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IPC Cabang Tanjung Priok Ditarget Pendapatan Rp 754 Miliar

ISL-TANJUNG PRIOK – Untuk tahun ini (2018, IPC/PT Pelindo II Cabang Tanjung Priok mendapat amanah untuk meraih target pendapatan sebesar Rp 754 Miliar, naik sekitar 20 persen dibanding pendapatan tahun lalu sebesar Rp 594 Miliar.

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Mengapa PT PTP Tangani Cargo Curah 1 Juta Ton Per tahun ?

SEPERTI diketahui sejak beberapa tahun belakangan PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok (PTP) mendapat tugas menangani bongkar muat cargo curah yang ada di cabang-cabang IPC/PT Pelindo II (Persero).

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Corporate History Indonesia Port Corporatiom (IPC)

ISL- JAKARTA TANUNG PRIOK - THE HISTORY  of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC (Indonesia Port Corporation) began from the decision of the government of Republic of Indonesia in 1960 to establish State Enterprise of Pelabuhan I to Pelabuhan VIII as the managing parties for the sea ports all over Indonesia based on Government Regulation No. 19/1960 on public port management conducted by the port management agency (BPP).

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Indonesia Port Corporation Services

ISL-JAKARTA TANJUNG PRIOK  - THE BUSINESS scope of the Indonesia Port Corporation covers several activities as follows :

  • Supply and/or service related to docks and waterways for ship traffic and docking;
  • Supply and/or service related to pilotage and ship holding;
  • Supply and/or service related to berths and other facilities to moor ships and to load and unload containers, liquid bulk, dry bulk, multi-purpose bulk, goods including animal goods (general cargo), and facilities for passengers and/or vehicles to board and disembark;
  • Supply of loading and unloading services for containers, liquid bulk, dry bulk (general cargo) and vehicles;
  • Supply and/or service related to terminals for containers, liquid bulk, dry bulk, multi-purpose bulk, passengers, public services and RORO facilities;
  • Supply and/or service related to warehouses, storage yards, tanks/storage receptacles, port transportation, loading and unloading equipment and port equipment;
  • Supply and/or service related to land for buildings, workshops and other facilities necessary for improved multi-mode transportation;
  • Supply and/or service related to electricity, drinking water and waste disposal;
  • Supply and/or service related to refueling for ships and other vehicles within the port;
  • Supply and/or service related to the consolidation and distribution of goods, including animals;
  • Supply and management of consulting services, education and training related to the port;
  • Operation and management of container depots, including cleaning, fumigation, repairs and logistical services;
  • Operation of customs zones and temporary storage.

In addition to its main business activities, Indonesia Port Corporation has also developed other activities to help the company achieve its goals and optimize the use of its resources.

These include freight services; equipment and facilities rental and repair services; vessel and port equipment maintenance services; ship-to-ship cargo transfers and related services; management of property outside the main port activities;

management of industrial estates; tourism and hospitality facilities; consultancy and port surveying services; communication and information services; port construction services ; freight forwarding services; health services; supplies and catering; vehicle parking and shuttle bus services; diving and salvaging services; tally services; port fitting services; and weighing services. (ISL Redaksi Jakarta Team).

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Pelindo II/IPC Corporate Profile

ISL- JAKARTA - Referring to Law No. 7 of 2008, the port has three functions in the trade , namely as the transport chain, as industrial entities, and the gate of the country.

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